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StuPa elections: 30 November until 4 December

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Our goals

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More help for non-German students

Our university is known for it’s internationality. However, it is important that we also act like that. Many important documents, for example exam regulations, are not yet translated – even though this university had plenty of time.

Student café

Students need places where they can meet and maybe talk about something other than university for once. We want to find a place, where students can drink coffee, socialize and all that for reasonable prices.

Longer library hours

It probably happened or still will happen to you as well: You quickly need a certain book from the library, rush to the building and find out it’s already closed. We therefore think the university’s library should have longer opening times – for a sake of a better learning environment.

Room for sports

Sports are important, without any doubts. Therefore we think we as students need a room to have sports in. So far one needs to take the bus to find the next sports hall – we want to have that opportunity near the university.

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Your suggestions

You want to suggest goals that we do not have listed on this website yet? Well, then do not hesitate and contact us. We are waiting for you!